A commissioner on demand: that’s what we call her here.
With the aid of Sacha we were capable to address our start-up far more boldly.
It has become clear again where we will be in 5 years from now.
It is inspiring to spar with an experienced outsider.
It is inspiring to see how Engels not only provides us with a mirror, but also immediately with handles.
Sound story, sharp analysis which one cannot get around if one wants to modernise.
Sacha offers a wide range of options from which you can properly choose what exactly suits your situation.
With Sacha’s input, we were able to make the next step to true entrepreneurship.
She is always a few steps ahead
Within a couple of hours she not only addresses the ‘weakspots’, but also provides for realistic solutions.
Often, all ingredients are there, but one needs a catalyst in order to get things going. Sacha is such a catalyst.
A-political, straight-forward and solution-oriented: these are words which Engels has invented.
It is comforting to hear that certain events simply are in the name of the game and can actually be solved very easily.
As small as we might be, we suddenly have ‘ our own boardmember’, and that keeps us sharp.
Once you bid farewell to Sacha, you always have a couple of useful advices in your pocket. Needless to say that subsequently you have to deal with matters yourself.
Sacha sees to it that some issues still come under discussion in a pleasant way.
Very pleasant indeed that one does not have to re-invent the wheel once again.
One has to be awake in order to realise dreams. Sacha is the perfect wake-up call.
She only just knows my company, but it feels as if she has been associated with it for years.
Sacha provides us with smart insights and valuable consideration during the right phase for our company.
Sacha Engels, ook wel Sascha Engels, Sasja Engels, Sasha Engels of Saskia Engels genoemd, is adviseur voor ondernemers in het MKB, midden en klein bedrijf. Zij denkt mee, helpt, adviseert en inspireert heel praktisch en doelgericht om de focus weer helder en scherp te krijgen, gericht op groei.

Advice, inspiration and participation

For Whom

An enterprise might have as much quality, talent and passion - during the life-cycle of each company, moments occur in which things do not go as they are supposed to.
Sometimes, already immediately from the start. Sometimes later. Partners are working at cross-purposes, the successful business model is losing momentum. Employees somehow lose their focus or enthusiasm.
Or the other way round: the success is too large, including all relevant growth problems.
At those moments, an independent party can be extremely helpful. Someone who looks from inside, out. Someone who can make a short-term, clear analysis. Who addresses the ‘’weakspots”.

Sacha Engels wordt ook wel Sascha Engels, Sasja Engels, Sasha Engels of Saskia Engels genoemd.